Ford’s Theatre, 2014
Jeff Calhoun, Director


A brilliant approach to a ‘moving musical’ is displayed by Scenic Designer Tobin Ost. Working in conjunction with Projection Designer Aaron Rhyne, Ost creates the vivid effect of keeping the bus in motion. Scenes that take place on the bus traveling from town to town are illuminated in their movements with the constant flow of dim shadows progressing in the background. Rhyne’s projections across the photo-like background intersperse a multitude of locations spread out between the faded print out of a map. These simple yet rich images augment the imaginative setting, transporting the audience all along the route Violet takes in her journey.

DC Metro

All this unfolds against an ingenious and deceptively simple set, designed by Tobin Ost. A large backdrop shows projections (by Aaron Rhyne) of the wooded hills and brick storefronts of Violet’s home town, the maps that trace her journey, Memphis nightlife, and other locales.