The Power of Duff

Geffen Playhouse, 2015
Huntington Theatre Company, 2013
New York Stage and Film, 2012
Peter Dubois, Director

…being a play about a TV news channel, there is a lot of really fascinating video projection work going on onstage as well

Boston Herald

Once again a crack Huntington Theatre Company design team creates a physical world that embodies the location and the spirit of the play beautifully. Numerous large and not-so-large projection screens double as newsroom and apartment windows overlooking the Rochester skyline and television monitors that air the live feeds of news from the streets.

Broadway World

The play makes extensive use of video, with a straight-faced and hilarious Joe Paulik playing reporter-in-the-street Ron Kirkpatrick. What’s impressive here isn’t the battery of flat screens that are employed to give us the illusion of a newsroom, but the way the footage is kept strictly in service of the stage play, rather than allowed to steal the spotlight.