The Lily’s Revenge

Hewes Design Award
Hewes Design Award Nomination, 2010
HERE Arts Center, 2009
Taylor Mac, Creator
Paul Zimet, Rachel Chavkin, Faye Driscoll, Aaron Rhyne, Kristin Marting, David Drake, Directors

It’s not easy to do avant-garde and epic simultaneously, but Taylor Mac has pulled it off. Over five acts, “The Lily’s Revenge” follows the progress of Lily, a flower played by the multihyphenate performance artist, on his quest to defeat a theatre curtain called the Great Longing, become a man and marry the Bride. One act takes place in an Alice-in-Wonderland-sized garden; one is filmed in stop motion, one is a dream ballet.


Taylor Mac’s megatheatrical The Lily’s Revenge is a great big fantastical epic, and it calls for celebration. At a time when much of New York’s theater seems to have shrunk in the wash, here at HERE is a nearly five-hour feast that involves some 40 performers, six directors, a live band and a pyrotechnic array of costumes. Let us not condescent to the show simply because it looks so ramshackle fabulous. In its bravery, scope, creativity, extremity, and sheer generosity of spirit, The Lily’s Revenge, to my mind, surpasses any American theater in New York this year.

Time Out New York

Aaron Rhyne’s Act IV is “Queer Eye” meets “Robot Chicken”, a convivial stop-motion action figure film for the Lily’s adventures in Ecuador. Highest laugh-per-minute ratio of the evening.

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